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Trump Promotes Diplomatic Gains, but North Korea Continues Building Missiles

Charles Koch Takes on Trump. Trump Takes on Charles Koch.

Facebook Identifies an Active Political Influence Campaign Using Fake Accounts

Exclusive: Mueller refers foreign agent inquiries to New York prosecutors

Alex Jones, Pursued Over Falsehoods, Faces a Legal Crossroads

Paul Manafort's Defense Team Opens Trial by Blaming Associates

Facebook has detected a coordinated effort to influence US politics ahead of the 2018 midterm elections

Diaz Broke Ethics Rules, NY City Council Says

Targeted for His Beliefs, Diaz Says
Holy War Over Emails or Politics?
By David Greene
NEW YORK- A City Council ethics committee has found that Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. misused city resources when he sent out an email talking about his stance on gay marriage in the governor’s race. 
In a closed session hearing, the committee found that Diaz had misused city resources but that it had not figured out a punishment.

Less than two weeks after newly-elected Bronx Democratic Councilman Diaz, publicly announced he was under investigation by the Standards and Ethics Committee, Diaz defended his column titled, "What You Should Know," insisting that the regular e-mail he sends to constituents and is often published by local newspapers-- is not political, but informational.
Joining Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark at a "Silent Peace March" through the streets of Soundview on July 25, Diaz, 75, seemed annoyed by the probe looking into his alleged "misuse of governmental reso…

Trump Is 'Looking Into' 3-D Printed Plastic Guns

Topher Grace on Dating Ivanka Trump: 'It Wasn't a Political Statement'

The Politics of 'White Threat'

Trump Repeats, and Inflates, Inaccurate Claims About NATO and Immigration

Trump Is Putting Indelible Conservative Stamp on Judiciary

Trump smokescreen fogs up what is fact or fiction

Former FEMA Official Accused of Sexual Misconduct That Spanned Years

How Trump Allies Shifted Their Defense as Evidence of Contacts With Russians Grew

Trump Spurns Medicaid Proposal After Furious White House Debate

A 24% increase in health-insurance costs? Why New York is saying no

Build Border Wall or Government Will Be Shut Down, Trump Says

Ginsburg suggests she has at least five more years on the Supreme Court

'Bigfoot Erotica' Becomes an Issue in Virginia Congressional Campaign

The Brooklyn Watch List

Trump Says He Would Meet With Iranian Leader, but Iran Rules It Out

Trump Administration Mulls a Unilateral Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Giuliani says he's not sure collusion is a crime despite Mueller investigation

99 Days to Go, and the Midterm Elections Battleground Is Not What Was Expected

Socialists Unite Behind Cynthia Nixon

City vs. Country Is Not Our Deep Political Fault Line

Trump opens window into his rage with Mueller attack

Long Island pol invokes 'plantation' politics in racially-charged rant

GOP Faces Another Midterm Threat as Trumps Plays the Shutdown Card

The Week Ahead in New York Politics, July 30

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's Drama In Washington Is Unearthed

New York Times Publisher Rebuts Trump's Account of Private Meeting

Cynthia Nixon Thinks You're Underestimating Her. She Thinks You're Wrong.

Does Cynthia Nixon Have a Shot to Beat Cuomo? 

Or Will Her Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Socialist Style Populism Turn Off Voters in a Surging Economy

Cynthia Nixon Thinks You're Underestimating Her. She Thinks You're Wrong.New York TimesFull coverage

Who is Paul Manafort and Why is His Trial Important to the Russia Probe?

Newest US Strategy in Afghanistan Mirrors Past Plans for Retreat

US Diplomats Held Face-to-Face Talks With Taliban, Insurgents Say

Still Standing, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Step Back in the Spotlight

Funeral Held For Staten Island Political Patriarch Guy Molinari

New York kicks Charter Spectrum out: What it means for you

In Georgia Governor's Race, a Defining Moment for a Southern State

'What Does a Trucker Look Like?' It's Changing, Amid a Big Shortage

As Affordable Housing Crisis Grows, HUD Sits on the Sidelines

Economic growth is a good thing — forget the politics

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Net Neutrality Protection Bill Introduced in Congress

POLITICS– Congressman Eliot Engel, a top member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, joined colleagues from both the House and Senate to unveil new legislation that would restore Net Neutrality protections for consumers and small business.

“A free and open internet is essential to modern democracy. The Trump Administration has put Net Neutrality at risk and House Democrats are committed to protecting it,” Engel said. 
“We have unveiled comprehensive legislation, the Save the Internet Act, that will protect consumers and small businesses from having their internet speeds blocked, throttled, or tiered based on usage. This bicameral legislation must be a top priority in both the House and the Senate, and I am hopeful that it will move quickly through Congress.”
The “Save the Internet” Act creates popular, bipartisan and targeted net neutrality protections, and codifies the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order similar to last year’s Congressional Review Act that passed the Senate and had bi…

It’s Not About Bezos’ Texting His Junk! Why the Amazon Chief’s Photo Hack is PR Nightmare for Alexa

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