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Could Squeezed Weiner Sing Like a Soprano on Hillary?

Could Weiner Save Himself by Cutting Deal with Feds? Report POLITICS- Could Weiner go from a perv to a stool pigeon? One report claims that the disgraced former Congressman could try to save himself by singing to the Feds on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

On Fox Business Channel’s Varney & Company, Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino said that Weiner could talk to the Feds as a way of cutting a deal for himself on his sexting a minor rap.
Gasparino tweeted the following: “Could #Weiner start working directly with the @FBI? Sources say the former congressman could spill the beans on Clinton and Huma.”
The FBI found 650,000 emails on a laptop shared by Weiner and his estranged wife Huma Abedin. The Feds are investigating whether some of those emails were sent from or received by Clinton’s private email server and if any were marked classified.
Gasparino went on to claim that Weiner was very careless with the laptop. The reporter claims to have sources who worked with Weiner at a consulting…


Trump Could Win Thanks to Slippery Weiner
By Robert Press
POLITICS- It looks like despite his own party, the media, and his own unforgiving behavior, Donald Trump should become the next President of the United States. 

Last week I held out the chance of a Trump win, and this week ,with only a few days to go until election day, it looks like President Donald Trump will be a reality.
How did all this come about so soon after the last presidential debate?
With women coming out of the woodwork saying that Donald Trump has made passes at them, it was the work of a former congressman from Queens who liked to show off his body to women who helped Donald Trump become President Donald Trump. Yes it was the Congressman who had to withdraw from a race for New York City mayor, then his congressional seat, and who became known as Carlos Danger when he was caught sexting with women.
This time it was the same dangerous man and husband of Huma Abedin, the closest woman to presidential candidate Hillary Cli…

Will Hill Drop Out? Clinton Called to Step Aside

Paper Calls on Clinton to Drop Out  Let Kaine Run Against Trump

POLITICS- One newspaper has obviously not taken the temperature of Hell when they called on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Presidential race. 

There’s trouble in Hillary Land and it’s not just the FBI and Weiner. At least one liberal newspaper in uber liberal Chicago is calling on Clinton to “step aside” and let her running mate Sen. Tim Kaine run against Trump with only 9 days to go until the election. 
The Chicago Times political columnist John Kass is calling on Clinton to step aside in the wake of the new FBI probe into her emails via aide Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. 
The FBI reopened the probe after going through Abedin's laptop while investigating her husband. Weiner is under investigation for sexting a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. While searching for relevant evidence in that case, according to published reports, investigators found info related to Clinton’s email scandal.

The col…

Bronx Voice is Out

The latest issue of the Bronx Voice is out.

Click here to see latest news:

HILL ON WHEELS- Hillary Calls Out FBI Chief to Put up or Shut up on Probe

Clinton Laughs Off FBI Investigation
POLITICS- Hillary Clinton called out FBI Chief James Comey to reveal the facts in the new probe into her emails. With 11 days to go until the election, the announcement by the FBI that it was reopening the probe into Clinton’s emails could not come at a worse time.
During a rare press conference, Clinton called out Comey to release "the full and complete facts” about the investigation. Hours earlier news broke that Comey had sent a letter to Congressional leaders that he was reopening the investigation into emails relating to Clinton’s use of a private server and classified material.
According to press reports, law enforcement uncovered new evidence while investigating Anthony Weiner’s emails. FBI agents are investigating claims that Weiner sexted a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. According to these reports Weiner’s wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, turned over her electronic devices to the FBI. And info on those devices allegedly held new …

Weiner Sticks it to Hillary- FBI

BREAKING NEWS- FBI Launches NEW Probe into Clinton Emails

Apple Needs to Open Store in Bronx- Pols

iPhone Maker Urged to Open Apple Store in the Bronx (File Photo)
BRONX NEWS- We have the Yankees why can’t the Bronx have an Apple Store? That’s what public officials want to know as they urge the tech giant to open a store in the Boogie Down.

Nearly every Bronx elected official has signed a letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, urging the company to consider the borough as a location for a new Apple Store.

In the letter, the elected officials note that Apple Stores are currently opened in four of the five New York City boroughs, and that opening in The Bronx would help the company complete their branding.
“Few brands are as recognized and admired as Apple, and an ‘Apple Bronx’ location would be another signal to the world that The Bronx is open for business,” states the letter “It is time for The Bronx to get its bite of the Apple!”

The letter also suggests several potential homes for an “Apple Bronx” location, including The Mall at Bay Plaza in Co-op City, as well as highly trafficked retail …

Cop Shooting Causing Political Feud?

We Want Justice- Pols Don’t Rush to Judgement- Cops

By Robert Press
BRONX NEWS- By Police Commissioner James O'Neil saying that the tragic police shooting of Deborah Danner in her Castle Hill Apartment was a 'failure of police protocol', and Mayor Bill de Blasio calling the killing 'Unacceptable' has the police Sergeant who shot the bat wielding woman already been tried and found guilty?

One thing for sure is that the city will have one big lawsuit on its hands, and I would not be surprised to see the mayor and police commissioner called to testify. No I am not saying the shooting was justified, but we need to have all the facts before we find someone guilty. 
We also don't need politicians to have political rallies disguised as prayer vigils, and then make statements when all the facts are not in. On the other hand is it wise for police unions to vilify the mayor and police commissioner, again before all the facts are in?
However, the unions must protect their membe…

Mugger Stomps on Woman

Orange Should be the New Black for Hillary- Rudy Says

Former NY Mayor Says Clinton Should be in Prison Stripes
POLITICS- Forget about the $10,000 designer jacket, former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Hillary Clinton should be wearing a prison orange jumpsuit.

The former high-powered US prosecutor said on a Philadelphia radio show that Clinton should have been prosecuted for her email scandal.
“When I see her, I see her in an orange jumpsuit, I’m sorry, or at least a striped one. I’d have prosecuted her a year ago and probably convicted her by now,” Giulani said.

“She was found extremely careless in the handling of top security information, which is straight out of violations of the United States code,” Giulani continued on the radio show. “She destroyed 33,000 emails, 13 cellphones after she got a congressional subpoena, which is about as straight out of ‘obstruction of justice’ as you can find. She told the FBI that she didn’t know that “C” on a government document meant ‘Confidential,’ she thought it was alphabetical order.”


Does Trump Have A Chance of Winning?

Polls Tightening BUT is it Too Late? By Robert Press
POLITICS- As we are less than two weeks away from the presidential election is it a sure thing that Hillary Clinton will win? 

Polls show both candidates still under 50 percent, and over 10 percent of voters not counted or still undecided. With everything that Clinton has thrown at Trump his support still is strong among his original voter base. Clinton's base on the other hand has also remained solid, but there is still time for Clinton's base to erode more than Trump’s. 

It now seems that the most important issue not coming out is the balance of power on the Supreme Court. There is currently one vacancy on the Supreme Court which will be filled by the next president. There also may be another vacancy which may happen in the next four years. That alone has Conservatives across the country very worried that if Hillary Clinton is elected it would change the balance of power on the Supreme Court and the country. 

Then there is the …

Trump Ahead by 2 pts.- Big Money Clutches its Pearls

Polls All Over the Place Who Will Win?
POLITICS- Trump up by 2 points. Media glide path for Hillary ignores big money’s concern.

Despite the week-long reporting all over the media that Trump is not only going to lose but lose Yuuuge, the polls are tightening.  An IBD/TIPP pol from Investor’s Business Daily, has Trump up 2 points nationwide.
On Sunday prior to the broadcast of the morning political shows, Trump was ahead in two polls and was tied in a third. After the Sunday morning shows when each network released their polls, Trump was losing by 12 points in an ABC tracking poll and was down by 3 points in a CBS poll.
The question for voters is which polls to believe if any. The major media polls mostly have Clinton up by double digit. Internet and business media polls and even the LA Times have Trump up.

It is unknown how this will play out when it comes to voter turnout.

Kaepernick is NFL’s Typhoid Mary

QB Taking Knee Killing NFL’s Ratings
POLITICS- It’s official. Colin Kaepernick is doing to the NFL what he did to the 49ers in last week’s game against the Bills- he’s stinking up the place.

A new poll finds that fans are tuning out NFL games because they are sick of Kaepernick and other players making political statements during games.
Kaepernick appears to be the NFL’s Typhoid Mary as to what is killing the once golden goose of TV ratings.
According to a Yahoo/YouGov poll, 40 percent of respondents said they were tuning out because of the protests. Kaepernick and other players have been taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest racism in the country. 
The NFL has been hit with a surprise ratings drop this entire season and officials have been scrambling to figure the reason for the drop off. Popular games, including Sunday and Monday Night Football have seen a significant drop in ratings compared to last years. 
Despite what the poll says, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell does not…

Bernie’s a ‘Doofus,’ His Supporters are ‘Freaks’- Team Clinton in WikiLeaks

Now She Throws Libs into Basket of Deplorables
WikiLeaks Dump Shows Team Clinton Contempt for Bernie Sanders and his Supporters
POLITICS- Team Clinton called Bernie Sanders a “doofus” and his supporters are “freaks” who need to “get a life” according to just leaked emails.

Another WikiLeaks dump is not only showing just how acrimonious the Dem Primary was but also the contempt Hillary’s people have for Sanders who emerged as an icon of the left and progressivism.
In the leaked WikiLeaks emails Clinton herself and others describe Bernie supporters and possibly liberals themselves as “puritanical,” “pompous,” “naive,” “radical” and “dumb,” calling some “freaks” who need to “get a life.”
The NY Post and Politico are reporting that Left Wing activists might use these emails as ammunition to ensure that Clinton does not stray from Progressive causes if she is elected president.
Liberals are angry over the latest WikiLeaks emails because they appear to show Hillary engaging in her famous public a…

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