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Putting politics aside to honor veterans with a final resting place

For politicians facing sexual misconduct charges, no swift 'firings'

SC lawmakers address sexual misconduct in politics

Rep. Joe Barton: I will not seek re-election

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Slow-Motion Train Rex

GOP Rep. Barton announces retirement after more lewd messages surface

Kurdistan earthquake: Politics create roadblocks to relief

Politics in the Subways: Great When It Works, a Mess When It Doesn't

Rep. Joe Barton: I will not seek re-election

Politics and tears: For Trudeau, it works

Newsnight blunder on Corbyn budget speech tops BBC complaints report

How Matt Lauer's NBC sexually harassed America's TV viewers, and our politics | Will Bunch

Giddings, Groom, Llewellyn leave Tasmanian politics with emotional farewells

A reckoning in the media, but not in politics

For this representative, politics is about making a difference

AI can figure out a place's politics by analyzing cars on Google Street View

White House Plans Tillerson Ouster From State Dept., to Be Replaced by Pompeo

Politics this week

Review: Miguel mixes politics and pleasure on self-assured 'War & Leisure'

Myanmar's awful schools are a drag on the economy—and politics

Roy Moore helped write a book on politics that said women should not run for office

Michigan candidate has obvious solution for keeping sexual harassers out of politics

Trump's tweets and the Irish border – Politics Weekly podcast

Politics Briefing newsletter: Scheer, Trudeau and Morneau continue scuffle in the House

Donald Trump Jr. mixes political fundraising with hunting again

In politics, as in dating, desperation is a turn-off

He talked panties and politics: Woman shares Facebook messages from Texas politician

Five Reminders American Politics Is a Clown Show

AI uses cars to predict neighborhood's politics

German Politics May Be a Mess, But the Economy Is Soaring

From Politics to Scandals, Sports Seem to Speak to Our Times

MPs debate Trump's Twitter jibe at May after speaker grants Commons urgent question - Politics live

Why we shouldn't repeal the rule on churches playing politics

Majority of millenials want a third party in US politics, new poll says

Elevating Women in Politics

Elevating Women in PoliticsThe Source Weekly (press release) (blog)Full coverage

Political humorist identified as Roger Stone's link to WikiLeaks: Sources

Sexual harassment debate advances an issue — and confuses it

Iceland summit stresses gender equality in politics

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Yikes

Theresa May makes secret visit to Iraq

Banking royal commission 'regrettable but necessary', says Turnbull – politics live

Kazakhstan: A New Player In Kyrgyzstan's Politics

Analysis: Trump's tax bill is a make-or-break moment for his political fortune

Shehzad Poonawalla slams dynasty politics, says process to elect party President 'rigged'

House GOP's Tax Plan Would Open Up Politics To Churches — And Charities

Pope's Pivot From Politics in Myanmar Doesn't Quiet Questions on Rohingya

Megyn Kelly says trying to cover Trump and politics is like 'screaming into the Pacific ocean' and 'taking a bath of ...

Charlie Daniels: Congressional Politics Has Become Like a Food Fight Between Frat Rats

He talked panties and politics: Woman shares Facebook messages from Joe Barton

Classroom Politics

Classroom PoliticsSalt Lake City WeeklyFull coverage

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Billboard Blasts AOC on Amazon

Net Neutrality Protection Bill Introduced in Congress

POLITICS– Congressman Eliot Engel, a top member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, joined colleagues from both the House and Senate to unveil new legislation that would restore Net Neutrality protections for consumers and small business.

“A free and open internet is essential to modern democracy. The Trump Administration has put Net Neutrality at risk and House Democrats are committed to protecting it,” Engel said. 
“We have unveiled comprehensive legislation, the Save the Internet Act, that will protect consumers and small businesses from having their internet speeds blocked, throttled, or tiered based on usage. This bicameral legislation must be a top priority in both the House and the Senate, and I am hopeful that it will move quickly through Congress.”
The “Save the Internet” Act creates popular, bipartisan and targeted net neutrality protections, and codifies the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order similar to last year’s Congressional Review Act that passed the Senate and had bi…

It’s Not About Bezos’ Texting His Junk! Why the Amazon Chief’s Photo Hack is PR Nightmare for Alexa

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