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At the Justice Dept.'s Death Penalty Unit, Accusations of Favoritism, Gender Bias and Unwanted Groping

Cuomo vs. Nixon is a preview of the 2020 Democratic primary

Affirmative Action for Reactionaries

The Facts Behind Trump's Tweet on Amazon, Taxes and the Postal Service

Veterans Affairs Shake-Up Stirs New Fears of Privatized Care

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: This Day in Infrastructure Week

Corey Lewandowski suggests New York Magazine reporter stole from him during alleged home invasion of his DC ...

Fake Kirsten Gillibrand flap reveals double standard in our politics

New York's Corruption Pit

Cynthia Nixon's Campaign: No Experience Required?

Stormy Daniels Case Prematurely Fizzles Over Trump

Meg Wolitzer's New Novel Takes on the Politics of Women's Mentorship

Trump Attacks Amazon, Saying It Does Not Pay Enough Taxes

New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon embraces 'unqualified lesbian' label

'Kiss Up, Kick Down': Those Recalling Bolton's UN Confirmation Process Say He Hasn't Changed

Ethiopia Seeks Calm With a New Leader

Trump Rings Up Roseanne Barr After Her Show Is a Ratings Winner

Push for sexual-harassment remedies adds to state political drama

Veterans Affairs Secretary Is Latest to Go as Trump Shakes Up Cabinet

Judge allows lawsuit alleging Trump took illegal foreign gifts

Trump supporter Roseanne Barr has the last laugh

Trump Aide Spoke During Campaign to Associate Tied to Russian Intelligence

Here's Why an Accurate Census Count Is So Important

Trump Targeting Amazon - Report

Trump to Pardon Flynn, Manafort?

Supreme Court Again Weighs Voting Maps Warped by Politics

New Yorkers Vow to Block Census Citizenship Question

Trump's Lawyer Raised Prospect of Pardons for Flynn and Manafort as Special Counsel Closed In

New York Auto Show: Auto Sales Are Healthy, But Politics Are A Wild Card, Economist Says

'The Looming Tower' star Jeff Daniels on the new series, politics and playing diverse, iconic roles

Trump Says Second Amendment 'Will Never Be Repealed'

Nasdaq drops nearly 3%, Dow closes more than 300 points lower as tech rolls over

Trump's Census, Citizenship Decision Ignites Legal and Political Battle

'Roseanne' Loves Trump

Trump Secures Trade Deal With South Korea Ahead of Nuclear Talks

Trump Ends Temporary Immigration Status for Thousands of Liberians

Roseanne Conner Has Become a Trump Supporter. Just Like Her Creator.

How Trump Could Turn the 2020 Census Into a Political Weapon

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Walled In

3 Worst Ways Census Immigrant Question will Impact NY

POLITICS- The inclusion of legal citizen question into the US Census is being seen by experts and lawmakers as undermining a complete and accurate population count, especially in states such as New York with large immigrant and undocumented populations.

NY legislative leaders issued a call for Congress to stop the Census decision and for all legal challenges to the decision to be employed immediately.

“With this repressive, racist and anti-immigrant President in the White House, in no way do I support including this question in the 2020 Census," said Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda. "Too many people, including myself, see this question as a veiled attempt to intimidate immigrant communities, especially in heavily Democratic urban areas, from responding to ANY Census forms. The resulting under count will mean both the loss of financial aid and electoral strength in those blue states. Let the sampling results, which have shown to be sufficiently accurate, deal with the immigrant coun…

NBA player with Kentucky ties believes his politics are hurting endorsement prospects

Citizenship question to be put back on the 2020 Census for first time in 70 years

Arrest of Catalan Leader Tests Spain, Separatists and EU

Push for sexual harassment remedies adds to New York political drama

How social science can help us understand moral tribalism in politics

'Sex and the City' Star-Turned-Candidate Compares New York Governor to Trump

Despite Concerns, Census Will Ask Respondents if They Are US Citizens

Trump's New Judicial Litmus Test: Shrinking 'the Administrative State'

Trump Talks of Bringing Back Rob Porter, Aide Accused of Spousal Abuse

Cynthia Nixon has a nickname for New York Gov. Cuomo: 'Andrew the bully'

After Stormy Daniels, Republicans Face a Referendum on Trump's Conduct

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POLITICS– Congressman Eliot Engel, a top member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, joined colleagues from both the House and Senate to unveil new legislation that would restore Net Neutrality protections for consumers and small business.

“A free and open internet is essential to modern democracy. The Trump Administration has put Net Neutrality at risk and House Democrats are committed to protecting it,” Engel said. 
“We have unveiled comprehensive legislation, the Save the Internet Act, that will protect consumers and small businesses from having their internet speeds blocked, throttled, or tiered based on usage. This bicameral legislation must be a top priority in both the House and the Senate, and I am hopeful that it will move quickly through Congress.”
The “Save the Internet” Act creates popular, bipartisan and targeted net neutrality protections, and codifies the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order similar to last year’s Congressional Review Act that passed the Senate and had bi…

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